Technical response
Solutions implementation
Project application
Advanced customized training


System development

Platform construction & management

New features development

Secondary development


Cross-platform integration

Multi-softwares connection

Software and hardware integration

Multi-platform mutual authentication


Scheduling of marketing events such as webinars, technical seminars, trainings…

Product news, market information, company news, industry news and other information summary…

Optoelectronics, geotechnical, materials, energy, aerospace, biomedicine …

About Us

JService is committed to technical consulting, products development and system integration. Based on technical strength, product output-oriented, cutting-edge research tools, we strive to develop into a first-class, high-tech service provider.

In order to keep growing with customers and meet strong market demand, we keep track of international advanced technology and maintain a keen response to the latest technology. Our service includes materials, geologic, biomedic, optoelectronic engineering, aerospace, energy engineering, marine engineering,  ect., and providing advanced products and technical solutions.

The JService combination of ‘Think & Solve’, provides you with first-class professional industry solutions.

Please contact us, if you need help!

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